The most recent security reports from Google said that in 2015, more than 2.1 million Android gadgets from malware stick online store its Play Store.

Be that as it may, the number has dropped to 40% contrasted with 2014, this is on account of Google has overhauled the channels malware before tolerating the designers’ applications to show up on the store.

More than 2.1 million gadgets sticky malware on Google Play in 2015. Photograph: Internet


At the same time, the organization likewise did not neglect to discharge security fixes each month for Nexus gadgets, including the outsider maker. The organization noticed that the dispatch of numerous variants will constantly include security models, to help better ensure our clients.

As indicated by the report, there are 2.1 million Android gadgets (comparing to 0.15%) because of malware stick download applications on Google Play, however this number will increment to 0.5% if the client introducing applications outside of Google Play.

Google guarantees to keep on strengthening security later on by the fix, endeavoring to ensure clients better in the coming years.