$ 40 million is the sum got after Apple reused items iPhone, iPad, Macbook qua.Trong year old iPhone dispatch occasion in March SE, the organization has presented the robot entrusted Liam dismantle iPhone parts. This is the start to help Apple pick up of up to $ 40 million in reusing the iPhone, iPad old.


In the money related explanations on the earth, was solid as Apple says it has reviewed more than 61 million pounds of materials including aluminum, steel, glass and some other material. What’s more, the recuperated gold that Apple is a little figure, up to more than 999.8 kg of gold. In the event that changed over into, Apple earned $ 40 million in private cash for gold segments on the iPhone, Macbook old.

Accumulate old iPhones, Apple earned $ 40 million

Supposedly, a few parts of this gold originates from the motherboard and various segments, each containing 30 mg normal cell phone gold. That is also its different gadgets likewise contain a little measure of gold. Obviously, with countless gadgets, this number gets to be distinctly colossal gold than at any other time.